The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes


In collaboration with the Conan Doyle Estate, Exhibits Development Group, Geoffrey M. Curley & Associates, OMSI and The Museum of London, OVO developed a complete visual identity system and branding for The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes.


The essential question was: how do you create a unique identity for one of the most imagined and re-imagined brands in history, doing so while representing its diverse historical, literary, and cultural expressions?


Our recommendations were informed by the work of many: historians, literary critics, illustrators and museum curators. The process was highly-collaborative. Through each iteration, the vision for the exhibition experience was manifest more deeply in the trademark, graphic style, and promotional communications—including the fully-responsive exhibition website that OVO designed and developed. The identity succeeds in feeling both current and historical. It cultivates a deep level of interest without being fussy. But perhaps most importantly, it gets out of the way of the exhibition’s primary asset: The name “Sherlock Holmes”.