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Mercy Corps

A campaign to encourage donor participation in a global crisis.


Mercy Corps is a global humanitarian organization working to empower people to recover from crisis, build better lives, and transform their communities. Since 1979, they have provided more than $4 billion in lifesaving assistance and have responded to nearly every global emergency during the past twenty years.

“Wish You Were Here” Campaign “Wish You Were Here” Campaign


In 2016, Mercy Corps asked OVO to conceptualize a campaign strategy to appeal to existing and new donors and demonstrate how the organization works differently. In one week, OVO generated six campaign concepts — each focused on an area of conflict in which people were displaced from their homes. “Wish You Were Here” was a first-person account from the eyes of a young Syrian refugee telling modern stories of migration love and loss through letters, social media, photographs and journal entries. The campaign was made actionable by a written and visual guide for creative execution. The result was an incredibly emotional response. And donors brought to the table.

Campaign Creation Guide Excerpt
Campaign Creation Guide Excerpt
Mercy Corps iPad Mood Board Detailed Guide for Campaign Execution