Brand Maintenance

There’s a good chance that as the brand has been driving its growth and success, that its moving parts have been somewhat neglected. Wear and tear, we’ll call it. Or perhaps opportunities have presented themselves to accelerate your long-term plans and increase your presence in the market. You may have said to yourself, ‘OVO was great with the re-brand or brand refresh, but who can help us stay in tune — with the competition, with our partners, and most importantly, with our customers?’ We can.

Brand Maintenance defined: Like any vehicle with multiple moving parts, a brand requires maintenance for optimal functionality and performance. Brand Maintenance may entail a tune-up of certain messaging or it may require a larger overhaul. Either way, maintenance should be performed on a somewhat recurring timetable.

Truth is, brand maintenance is about a lot more than simply keeping things running smoothly. Rather, it’s about making sure the brand is of interest to customers, that it offers more opportunities for immersion and engagement, that it further facilitates community involvement and that the data garnered is more valuable and that plans are more actionable. We believe a little time away can do a relationship good. That is also true of our long-term client relationships. But when the time comes to get back together to maximize brand relevance, we will be here to help. And likely with a office-full of ideas.

Brand Maintenance process and deliverables:

  • In-person consultation and clear statement of goals and objectives
  • Review of all recent brand activities, successes and failures
  • Recommendations report for review and approval
  • Any necessary written and visual updates or revisions
  • Actionable maintenance plan for moving brand forward in market

Brand Maintenance Work