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OVO: Portland, OR. Branding Agency

OVO® is an accomplished branding agency designed to solve critical business issues. We grow and protect value for clients through a considered approach to brand building and management. As senior-level consultants, we guide brand launches, strategic rebranding, naming, messaging platforms, identity systems and repositioning efforts across many diverse industries. OVO is based in Portland, Oregon and serves clients throughout the U.S.

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Branding is not a service we offer—it’s all that we do.

Brand Discovery

Discovery answers the brand’s core business questions. To effectively comprehend the heart of the brand, discovery reveals brand strengths and weaknesses and what customers value most in your offering and why.

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Brand Strategy

Strategy aligns every aspect of the brand offering and connects the brand experience with the emotional needs of an engaged and loyal customer. This connection establishes brand preference, and in turn, builds brand equity.

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Brand Identity

Identity is the outward representation of the brand. From the brand name, to the logo, tagline and tone, brand identity synthesizes the discernible components of the brand offering to present a recognizable image to the consumer.

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Brand Management

Management is the continued analysis and execution of all techniques utilized to maximize the value of the brand. This includes bringing the brand to life for customers and employees by thoughtfully aligning people, processes and tools.

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Strategic thinking + expert execution = long-term value.


Ending cancer. A bold charge, but one this cancer-killing company is leading.

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Esprit Cosmetic Surgeons

Naming and rebranding a premier Northwest practice.

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Strategy and brand work for an education technology company.

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Notable Clients Include

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Thoughts on branding, design and business.

How Payless Successfully Sold its Shoes at a 1,800 Percent Markup

An elaborate advertising prank by discount shoe seller Payless illustrates how consumers place value—and just how powerful branding can be.

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Nom Nom Paleo

Michelle Tam and Henry Fong are the creative powers behind Nom Nom Paleo’s recipes and cheeky personality. In this Q&A with Kyle Hildebrant, principal partner at OVO, Michelle and Henry discuss the evolution of the brand—from blog to James Beard nomination and New York Times bestselling cookbooks “Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans” and “Ready or Not!”, and what’s next for Nom Nom Paleo.

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More wars have been fought over bananas than oil. Chiquita®, a pioneer in food branding credited with the introduction of stickers on fruit in the U.S., continues to struggle to align its brand promise with its actions in a world in which consumers demand to know where, and how, the products they purchase are made.

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How Short-Term Sacrifice Can Be A Smart Long-Term Business Decision

With U.S. companies hyper-focused on quarterly earnings, brands face pressure to drive immediate sales. But what may appear to be a successful short-term initiative can degrade goodwill and loyalty while devaluing a brand’s offering. Are you trading the ongoing viability of your business for near-sighted ROI?

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