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OVO® is an accomplished branding agency designed to solve critical business issues. We grow and protect value for clients through a considered approach to brand building and management. As senior-level consultants, we guide brand launches, strategic rebranding, naming, messaging platforms, identity systems and repositioning efforts across many diverse industries. OVO is based in Portland, Oregon and serves clients throughout the U.S.

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Branding is not a service we offer—it’s all that we do.

Brand Discovery

What is at the core of the brand? What is it about a brand that resonates with its audience? Why is another brand underperforming? Brand Discovery employs research and evidence to reveal the truths underlying perception, potential and performance.

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Brand Strategy

An effective and actionable plan requires a strategy well defined. As the guide for articulating the brand purpose, promise and position, Brand Strategy aligns organizational teams in all efforts to enhance brand equity and deepen customer engagement.

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Brand Identity

As brand is the heart and soul of an organization, its identity is the face. Made up of various features and expressions, it’s how the market sees the brand. Brand Identity begins with the name and continues through the logo, the tagline, typography and color.

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Brand Management

Much like people, healthy brands are fluid. Evolving. The environment is in near-constant flux. Market opportunities are presented. Competition grows. Brand management is about measuring these changes and adjusting to better deliver on the brand promise.

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Strategic thinking + expert execution = long-term value.


Strategy and brand work for an emergency animal hospital.

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Technology branding for a radical innovation in brain surgery.

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Building brand for one of the largest home improvement services companies in the U.S.

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Notable Clients Include

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Thoughts on branding, design and business.

Two people sitting at a table talking in front of their laptops

How to Turn Your Agency into a Strategic Partner

The most successful branding campaigns are often a result of strong, mutually beneficial partnerships between companies and their agencies. By creating shared meaning, executives can turn transactional agency relationships into long-term partnerships that deliver greater value.

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A stream snakes through the Painted Hills; Black Angus grazing in the distance

Branding a Commodity for Increased Profits

As collectives like Painted Hills Natural Beef have learned, a strong brand can help insulate you from fluctuations in prices and command higher prices by imbuing the product with premium qualities.

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Vintage bowling shirt with embroidered name "Duane"

Why We Name: The Power of Taming to Drive Deep Connections with a Brand

Humans have a deep-seated need to name and be named, and researchers have long acknowledged that there is great power in naming things. We name to identify, symbolize, refer, describe, simplify, organize and, most importantly, to tame. When you tame something, you do so to bring it closer. Through the act of taming, we make ties and emotional bonds with people and things.

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Taking the Fear Out of Rebranding

Taking the Fear Out of Rebranding

The effective rebrand proceeds as more of an evolution than a big bang. It enables companies to retain the brand equity they’ve amassed while shifting to respond to changing markets, better integrate new products and services, or integrate new value following a merger or acquisition. The fear of getting it wrong, however, can be paralyzing.

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