We are thinkers, strategists, writers, designers and doers.

OVO, the brand

For 15 years, OVO has built upon an ability to deliver on the promises we have made to our clients, the expertise of our people, the efficacy of our consultation and the professional manner in which we execute. We are a smaller agency by design, employing only senior staff who work collaboratively on every project.
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OVO, defined

Oh-vo, it’s pronounced. The Latin word ovo may be translated as: from the beginning, the origin, the egg. Why ovo? For us it symbolizes the birth of something new.

OVO, fact sheet

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Our Leadership

We are a nimble team of strategists, researchers, analysts, writers, designers and developers with a strong history of brand building across many disparate industries. Meet our leadership:
Ryan Durant

Ryan Durant

Founding Partner

Ryan's Thinking
Kyle Hildebrant

Kyle Hildebrant

Founding Partner

Kyle's Thinking
Eric Hillerns

Eric Hillerns

Senior Brand Strategist

Eric's Thinking
Jessie Usié

Jessie Usié

Senior Designer

Our Beliefs

On Branding

Branding is the deliberate act of influencing brand—the intangible impression that exists only in one’s mind. Branding informs content and tone. It seeks to align what is promised with what is delivered. By bringing to light the essential attributes unique to your brand, we are able to craft communications that are genuine and designed to attract interest. Success is based on real connections, not mere spectacle or artifice.

On Business

We believe in authentic business relationships built on trust, transparency and respect; engagements where expertise is shared and developed among client and consultant. As brand stewards, we seek to truly understand the culture of your organization and the goals of the business. This depth of interaction ensures well-crafted, effective solutions.

On Design

Perhaps design is a “harbinger of goodwill,” as Paul Rand so aptly stated, but we also believe that good design is good business. We believe design must communicate clearly, both explicitly and implicitly, who and what you are. We do not design in the service of style or of self-interest, but rather in the service of the brand and to the benefit of the customer. We deliver solutions designed to communicate, to incite action, to delight.

Our clientele, past and present

Our clientele consists of international corporations with revenues exceeding $32 billion, small, privately owned startups, and those companies that fall in between. We don’t specialize in a single vertical (e.g. consumer electronics) or organizational structure (e.g. not-for-profit), but rather benefit from experience across many different types of client partnerships.