Brand Photography

Brand Photography defined: In as much as a distinctive logo or an engaging corporate website are recognizable signifiers for the brand identity, so to can photography represent the brand and share a compelling story.

With careful consideration, the photographic narrative becomes as identifiable and memorable as any other visual component associated with the brand. Think Apple: Clean, composed shots of appliances. Generally on white, with minimal shadow and little, if any other effects. Or perhaps the creative direction is intended to capture the essence of place, such as the unmistakable Italian heritage of Alfa Romeo or conveying the free-riding, road-rolling tribe of Harley-Davidson disciples. In each instance, you can likely imagine a picture that speaks for the brand, exhibits its unique qualities and in a singular image during a singular moment, simply feels familiar. Or ‘on brand’, as we like to say.

Great studio or location photography is expensive. And yet, we can’t possibly convey the value that these assets deliver to a brand. While cameras are ubiquitous in today’s society and tools such as Instagram enables a brand to engage with an audience of millions, professional photography can be a difference-maker.

OVO works with photographers all over the world. Whether it’s scouting and art direction for a singular location or coordinating product set or people sessions in the studio, we will recommend photographers, find talent and locations, direct the shoot, manage production and organize file delivery and digital asset management.

Brand Photography process and deliverables

  • Strategy
  • Talent
  • Location scouting
  • Studio
  • Art Direction
  • File Production and Management
  • Color Correction
  • Digital Asset Management

Brand Photography Work