Brand Training and Tools

To ensure all executives, management and staff are aligned and equipped to execute and manage the brand, person-to-person and group Brand Training is an imperative. From our perspective, the brand is either proactive in addressing the questions through training before they become issues, or will forced to be reactive when it is least prepared to change course or address issues on the fly. Intent should not be left to interpretation. Brand training should be a prerequisite before any brand launch.

Brand Training and Tools defined: To best align support of the brand, teams depend on useful training and practical, effective tools. Whether training coincides with a new launch or is a review and update of existing efforts, OVO trains brand staff and educates, motivates, and informs all stewards about how best to operationalize the brand.

We believe that executive and management training is every bit as important as training those who execute daily on the brand. While more succinct, executive training may include: a summary of key research findings, the components of the brand strategy and identity, how to talk about the company, and how to encourage proper brand use among employees and subcontractors. Final content and format is determined according to who attends, as well as the organizational and operational preferences and procedures.

Our staff Brand Training program provides specific guidance on tactical execution and brand implementation for communicators. Emphasis will be focused toward hands-on, applied learning and practical tips for communicating visually and verbally.

Brand Training and Tools process and deliverables:

  • Training curriculum, including all writing and visual aids (decks, worksheets, etc.)
  • In-person executive and staff training sessions and activities
  • Narrated training presentation videos, for onboarding of new hires
  • Clear directives in executing on brand and activating brand efforts
  • Follow-up Q&A sessions as requested

Brand Training and Tools Work