Implementation Planning

Even before the brand activates, the implementation plan will guide necessary activity and ensure a successful roll-out. Ideally, development of this effort is collaborative and takes into account the many moving parts that compose the brand and the human (and capital) resources necessary to support it.

We must ask: When will we begin using the brand in public? How (and when) do we talk about the brand before launch and after? What are the key milestones we need to meet in order to hit our key performance indicators? How will we communicate internally and with our various audiences?

Implementation Planning: Designed to activate the Strategic Plan, the Implementation Plan identifies individual milestones and assigns (human and capital) resources and timetables to each.

Implementation Planning process and deliverables:

  • Coordination of all resources and calendaring of all related milestones
  • Facilitate collaboration of internal and external team members
  • Writing and design of an Implementation Plan
  • Department-level implementation training (including all prep and visual aids; decks, worksheets, etc.)
  • Follow-up review of progress and maintenance of plan, as required

Implementation Planning Work