Launch Campaign

The launch is what we’re all here for. It’s what we get excited about, and for the outside world, it marks the brand’s arrival. Of course, so much has already been accomplished in planning, staffing, establishing metrics, markers, and milestones. Preparation takes time. Or it should have, if properly planned for.

Beyond all the questions that should be asked about creating the product or service and building the brand, perhaps most important among them, the brand must anticipate the expectations of its customers. Most specifically: How do we expect them to respond? How do we make them aware? How do we keep them engaged? And what do we expect them to do after the sale? Moreover, how do we earn their loyalty? A brand has one shot at launch, but a million opportunities to do right by them.

Launch Campaign defined: Plan. Then execute. These are the required precursors to a successful lift-off. The launch approach may be involved or quite simple, but your brand has one shot to get it right. Assemble a team. Build your lists. Create reasons to believe. Engage the community. And own it.

Launch Campaign process and deliverables:

  • Preparation planning for all activities and actions related to launch
  • Consider initial metrics and develop a best-case/worst case scenario response plan
  • Oversee all correspondence, secure all media channel opportunities
  • Align and train team for readiness
  • Coordination of all resources and calendaring of all related milestones
  • Establish all events related to launch; parties, pop-ups, web-based events, etc.
  • Launch! (Congratulations! This is your new beginning.)

Launch Campaign Work