Linguistic Validation

Linguistic Validation defined: More than simple language translation, Linguistic Validation, at least in terms of branding, is about understanding and confirming the contextual differences that exist in the language and culture in which it is used to ensure relevance in a particular category or geographic market. It may be as much about the style of language employed to offer to the market a product for an inspired and knowledgeable customer. Take fly fishing for trout in the Pacific Northwest, for example, as opposed to competitive bass fishing in the southern states. Not only are the descriptors different, but so is the tone and style of the speech that defines those two related, but very different cultures. This is where subject matter experts become particularly valuable.

Linguistic Validation process and deliverables:

  • Cultural and contextual understanding of the market
  • Foundation for further building brand story
  • Brand credibility in market

Linguistic Validation Work