Logo Design

Logo Design defined: Typically composed of text (brand signature) and image (brand symbol), the logo (or trademark) serves as a brand’s most important visual signifier. It is essentially the brand’s flag. And that flag is to be planted proudly. But make no mistake in terminology: A logo is not a brand, but rather one visual symbol that represents the brand. For example, Apple is a brand. The visual symbol of the apple (with a bite out of it) is the company’s logo.

The design of logos — as with everything we produce— is rooted in research and strategy. At the same time, the design of an effective logo does adhere to some universal principles. It must be memorable and versatile. It must be unique. It must be appropriate for its intended purpose. And it must be relevant.

Simplicity is an advantage. Flexibility is a feature. Functionality, in all media and on every platform, is a absolute requirement.

We strongly believe that the logo development process benefits by collaboration. In fact, nothing that is designed in the OVO office is produced in a vacuum. We believe good ideas can come from anywhere and that flawless execution must be our foremost objective. Collaboration, various checks and balances, and on-going refinement ensures that outcome. The point is that, yes, as a client, we are working for you. But ideally, we are also working with you. We are not designing in the service of style or of self-interest, but rather in the service of the brand and to the benefit of you as our client and to the long-term equity that a well-executed identity system, which begins with the logo, will return.

Logo Design process and deliverables

  • Primary trademark (logo) design
  • Alternate trademarks and lockups for extended applications
  • Variants for sub-, product-, or divisional-brands
  • Definition of primary brand colors and fonts

Logo Design Work