Name Validation

Name Validation defined: This can mean different things to different clients. For developers and data-driven technologies, Name Validation is simply a way to ensure that the content within the database is clean and therefore, useful. In branding, it is about legal use and effective representation in the market. Legality is important in terms of trademark filing and protection. For this purpose, we consult the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for initial validation and then consult with legal counsel to ensure a name is worth pursuing for purposes of trademark. Once cleared, there are various models by which effectiveness can be measured. Qualitative and quantitative research, in A/B testing, likability, and customer preference testing. All research is then supplied to the client and formal recommendations are made.

Name Validation process and deliverables:

  • Formal assessment of risk factors and trademark usage for a given brand name
  • Qualitative and quantitative name concept testing

Name Validation Work