Packaging Design

Packaging Design defined: Whether it lives online or is on the retail shelf, the physical and visual design of the package is likely the element that comes to mind when thinking about a product. Meaning, when we think of Tide, for instance, we’re as aware of the selling power of its iconic orange packaging as we are about its “outstanding cleaning power”. The same may be said of Tiffany’s gorgeous blue boxes or the lithe and unmistakable shape of Coca-Cola’s bottle. These are memorable queues that are proven to inspire and motivate purchase. And yet, each is a functional representation that must transport, protect and present the product. Because this process is so complex, countless books have gone into great detail to describe each of these purposes. The point is, packaging is critically important to the success of the brand.

Packaging follows a similar process as many other client design initiatives within OVO, but special care is required given the importance of its purpose. We begin by defining the following: The product, pricing (expectations and realities), quantities (and economies of scale), timelines and fulfillment requirements. Then we refine those expectations with the client, explore the structural necessities of the package (with producers, packaging companies and distributors), and only then, do we begin the visual design process.

We have worked with various clients — from packaged consumer products such as food and beverage, to durable goods, to B2B packaged solutions in healthcare, technology and finance. In each case, they have been designed to stand out in an often crowded market, be immediately recognizable and understood, spur emotional engagement, and be enduringly memorable.

Packaging Design process and deliverables:

  • Functionally appropriate container for transporting, protecting, and promoting product
  • Beautifully crafted package to stand out among competition
  • Secure system for bulk transport and distribution
  • All supporting graphic and written components to support packaging

Packaging Design Work