Visual Identity System

Visual Identity Systems defined: The graphical culmination of all strategic work, this collection of elements serves as the visual embodiment of the brand identity. This process constructs a comprehensive and cohesive system for execution, and addresses the full range of potential uses; from physical size and shape constraints and varying color formats, to the filetypes required to perform on all modern media platforms.

At its core, the Visual Identity System will be composed of a brand signature (the logo, wordmark or logotype) to serve as the trademark (and potentially countless other visual components). To support that primary identifying element, we develop complementary patterns, color and typographic systems, as well as other visual elements designed to round out the comprehensive and unique graphic style for the brand.

As a result of this process, it is critical to consider and build all necessary variants to ensure both ease of use and effective presentation at all sizes and in all environments. Concepts are to be evaluated within the context of example communications and must evaluate those touchpoints most critical for the client (e.g. stationery, collateral, website, environments). This considers both the primary brand lockup and possible brand extensions, geographic signifiers, and other necessary alternates.

Deliverables May Include

  • Primary trademark (logo) design
  • Alternate trademarks and lockups for extended applications
  • Variants for sub-, product-, or divisional-brands
  • Color and typographic systems
  • Secondary identifiers (i.e. patterns)
  • Graphic style (i.e. design language)
  • Color system (primary, secondary, tertiary, neutral; Pantone, CMYK, HEX; tints and shades)
  • Typographic system (print marketing; website and digital applications; business use)
  • Example execution (e.g. design of sample marketing materials)
  • Thoughtful consideration and documentation of the many elements that visually represent the brand
  • Basis for unique system establishing visual tone and style for all communications
  • Brand Guidelines to document the Visual Identity and ensure consistent application

Visual Identity System Work