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Re-envisioning a lasting commitment to compassion, dignity, and hope.


Duet (originally “The Beatitudes Center for Developing Older Adult Resources”) approached OVO seeking a complete brand audit, evaluation, and rebranding. Following 28 years of important social services work in the aging community, Duet felt as though they had come to a strategic “stand still”.

Duet Trademark Duet Trademark

OVO’s preliminary brand audit validated and expounded upon these assertions. Identifying and polling key demographic groups revealed a crumbling brand hierarchy, poor brand recognition and ineffective communication efforts.

Duet Trademark; Before Before
Duet Trademark; After After

With a clear need established, OVO was able to fully engage in brand positioning, naming, identity, implementation, and brand management services. The resulting brand image has been embraced and celebrated virtually unanimously and has provided key organization, clarity, and reinvigorated interest from clients and the community.

Duet Annual Report Duet Annual Report

“As a non-profit organization, we depend on ‘word-of-mouth’ to further our mission. During the years, our brand had become mired in too many words. Research showed widespread confusion about our organization. In looking for a creative team to lead us through rebranding, OVO’s approach spoke volumes. OVO worked magic, not only with our communications team, but also with a large board of directors. OVO created a new identity for us, complete with name, tagline, and logo. While the visuals are new, their understanding of the core of our organization brought out the best in our true identity. They brought us from “Beatitudes Center DOAR, Developing Older Adult Resources,” to “Duet, Partners In Health & Aging.” Short, simple, and memorable. Our stakeholders have enthusiastically embraced our new identity — and are able to share our brand with ease. We believe our new brand will help us better serve the elderly who desperately need our services.”

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