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Portland Rescue Mission

A beacon of light in Portland’s Old Town Chinatown.


Portland Rescue Mission has been a beacon of light in Portland’s Old Town Chinatown community since 1949. For 65 years, they have opened their doors daily to provide emergency food and shelter for the hungry and homeless in downtown Portland.

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Today, they offer an expanded set of services that includes a 12-month residential addiction recovery program. But while their reach had expanded, community perception of “a soup kitchen” remained relatively unchanged. OVO was hired to help refresh the core identity platform.

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Portland Rescue Mission Trademark; After After

The scope of our involvement included organizational consulting, strategy, messaging and design of a new trademark and associated visual system. Our intent was to capitalize on the name recognition, history and legacy iconography, but doing so in a manner that was current and reflective of the present values and activities of the organization.

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The results have been widely celebrated and recognized among staff, volunteers, donors, board members and in the community. The organization is rallied around the core brand message: The mission is restoring hope.

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