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Shining a new light on an independent source of comfort for local families.


Lumina Hospice & Palliative Care is an independent, non-profit community resource providing responsive care for local residents nearing the end of life. Since 1980, the organization has ensured in-home comfort, compassion and control for every patient throughout their remaining days. And yet, even after all those years of being there for families in difficult times, their name, identity, and areas of service were not a beacon of clarity.

After operating for nearly 40 years as Benton Hospice Service to serve multiple counties in Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley, there were troubling concerns within the organization regarding community awareness. There were hints that suggested confusion among the extended community. These were the very people — residents, neighbors, and friends, who at one point or another, would likely turn to “Benton” when their loved ones required end-of-life care.

To better understand the source of this confusion, Benton Hospice Service engaged OVO to explore perceptions of the organization throughout the area.

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For years, staff had experienced the frustration of being mistakenly called “Benton County Hospice” and believed many wrongly thought them to be a part of county government. What was even more troubling, they suspected their name was misleading community members to the conclusion that the organization only served Benton County.

Following initial stakeholder interviews, OVO orchestrated a large-scale quantitative study — speaking with 600 community members — to give the leadership team and the board the confidence they needed to move forward. The decision to rename and rebrand was unanimous.

Lumina Hospice and Palliative Care Trademark Trademark Redesign

It was time to illuminate the organization’s legacy, not only in Benton County, but also in Linn, Polk, Lincoln, Marion and Lane counties, and better define its services.

Benton Hospice Care would become Lumina Hospice & Palliative Care, a name and descriptive line warmly embraced by its board, leadership, staff and community stakeholders alike.

“Our new name is not merely a desire to change. But rather an opportunity to shine a light on our legacy. To provide care illuminated.” — Kelly Beard, Executive Director

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From the perspective of visual identity, the words and arrangement of Lumina Hospice & Palliative Care suggest structure and balance.

The Lumina Hospice & Palliative Care logo was designed to represent a shining star; an emanating source of light. Rooted in a coordinated mosaic of collaboration in care, the star is directional, with all roads leading two ways: out to serve ALL people and ALL communities within the region and in to focus on the center of the care and comfort it provides.

Historically, the color purple represents legacy and in some cultures, royalty. Its meanings are many — in the U.S. military, it represents courage. In Egypt, it represents faith, patience and trust and in Iran, it is the color of what is to come. We liked that. Purple affects us mentally and physically in positive ways, with scientific studies suggesting it uplifts spirits, calms the mind and nerves and offers a sense of spirituality. Lumina exists to provide the same comforts.

Lumina Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines

As a tagline, “Care Illuminated” underscored both the Mission and the benefit provided to patients, to caregivers and to various partners. It served as a true call to action, bringing to light its progressive vision: To help patients live out the rest of their lives, on their own terms, among people who care.

We had also created a transitional line for use with the Lumina Trademark. For a period of time, “Founded as Benton Hospice Service in 1980” would be a means to ease the organization’s transition from Benton Hospice Service and honor its founding legacy.

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Throughout the months that followed, OVO led the organization successfully through the complete evolution to Lumina, producing everything from a transition strategy to key messaging, internal checklists, staff training, brand guidelines and a launch plan and multi-channel campaign.

Each and every element was designed as a direct reflection of Lumina’s lasting values: excellence, integrity, compassion, stewardship and relationship-centered care.

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The results have been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to comments from long-time residents, the board and staff, Lumina continues to expand the scope of its services and the number of people it serves.

A brand refresh for a local nonprofit is never an easy proposition, particularly for those cherished few resources that lend real comfort, over decades, to people in times of need. Yet those guiding the Mid-Willamette Valley hospice were willing to confront the realities of its issues of legacy and identity while wholly committing to its future.

Moreover, Lumina Hospice & Palliative Care recognized the opportunity to shine a light on its service legacy. To provide further clarity about its comprehensive approach to hospice and palliative care for every member of the community. To deliver care illuminated.


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