IntraOp is the pioneer in portable electron Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT). Since introducing their flagship product, Mobetron, in 1993, IntraOp has transformed cancer treatment by bringing radiation technology into the operating room.


IntraOp was founded by scientists, not business people. While the efficacy of the Mobetron was renowned among leaders in surgical and radiation oncology, after more than 20 years in business, IntraOp had yet to achieve its potential. Following debt restructuring, the purchase of a majority interest in IntraOp by Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc. (NASDAQ: SVVC), and a subsequent change in executive leadership, IntraOp was poised to solve for issues of awareness, perception and market penetration.


OVO was hired to institute a complete rebranding—from concept to execution. As an aspect of our initial research, we were able to speak with physicians in leading clinics and hospitals around the world to understand the value of the Mobetron as a part of their comprehensive cancer programs. What we soon realized was that while IntraOp had an impressive list of physician supporters, misperceptions lingered among their collegues due to failed competitors and competing interests within for-profit systems. Moreover, IntraOp had done a poor job of engaging with influencers at all levels of the buying process. Longitudinal clinical data existed. But no one knew about it. The business case was strong. But it hadn’t been clearly stated.

The Mobetron is a game-changer for cancer patients the world over. Our job was to ensure that not only physicians and radiologists would champion the benefits of the Mobetron, but that insurance and hospital administrators could recognize its financial and competitive advantages. Most importantly, that more patients would live longer, healthier lives.

The initial outcomes of our work redefined IntraOp’s strategy and approach. We’ve delivered the brand positioning, messaging platform, trademark, 3D renderings, product demo video, company profile video, fully-responsive website, tradeshow graphics, sales literature, interior design and modifications to the industrial design of the product itself. We continue to work closely with IntraOp as brand consultants and in direct support of marketing execution.