We’re dedicated to solving business challenges and creating lasting company value for our clients through a thoughtful approach to brand building and brand marketing. We’re a smaller agency by design, employing only senior-level staff and best-of-class talent.

Who is OVO?

In short: OVO is a branding agency dedicated to solving business challenges and creating lasting company value for our clients through a thoughtful approach to brand-building. We employ only senior staff and best-of-class talent to deliver brand research, strategy, and identity work for clients in disparate industries. Informed by sound strategy, we are well-equipped to develop brand marketing, including the design, production and management of creative for a variety of channels—including web, social, mobile, video and print. OVO was founded in 2005 by its current principals, Kyle Hildebrant and Ryan Durant. We maintain offices in Portland, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona.

What makes OVO different?

We have the seasoned pedigree you’d expect among our collective set of creative consultants, but we’re different. We don’t support a large, bloated infrastructure and we don’t employ junior-level staff. That means that every dollar spent with OVO translates to legitimate, senior-level consultative and creative services — a unique proposition in the agency world of junior account execs and unpaid-interns.

What is the value of branding?

“Several studies have tried to estimate the contribution that brands make to shareholder value. A study by Interbrand in association with JP Morgan concluded that on average brands account for more than one-third of shareholder value. The study reveals that brands create significant value…” — Jan Lindemann, Managing Director, Global Brand Valuation, Interbrand, “Brand Valuation, A Chapter from Brands and Branding, An Economist Book” 2004

Who are OVO’s clients?

Our client roster consists of international corporations with revenues exceeding $28 billion per year, small, privately owned start-ups, and those companies that fall in between. We don’t specialize in a single vertical (e.g. consumer electronics) or organizational structure (e.g. not-for-profit), but rather benefit from experience across many different types of accounts. That range affords us a wider cultural and economic vantage from which to solve our clients’ brand-related communication challenges. It makes things more interesting for us, and more importantly, it results in better outcomes for our clients.

How does OVO define brand?

Simply, your brand is a promise made (what you say) and a promise kept (what you do).

How does OVO define branding?

Branding informs who and how you are. It concerns content and tone. It seeks to align what you say and what you do.

Branding influences a positive process:

  1. That process begins with identity (defining who and how you are)
  2. It extends to fulfillment (delivering on the brand promise)
  3. It moves to likability (“I enjoyed the brand experience”)
  4. It rises to inclination (“Given a choice, I’ll consistently choose you”)
  5. It concludes with desire (“I’ll choose you and pay a premium if required”)

How has OVO been recognized?

OVO has received regional, national and international awards from Communication Arts, The American Advertising Federation, AIGA, The Pollies, The Bennies, Create, and Neenah, among others, for our excellence in brand development and design. Additionally, our work has been published and featured in multiple books, design publications and periodicals. But awards aren’t the end goal. A successful relationship with our clients—with measurable results—is why we exist.

Now what?

It would be our pleasure to meet you, to discuss your business challenges, and to answer any remaining questions about our agency. Let’s Talk.

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